A digital design company specialising in interactive learning content.

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Transform complex information into clear visual stories.

Create fun and engaging interactive pieces.

Work on projects that have a meaningful message.

Enable learning through discovery.

what we do


Tinc Design is driven by Zawadi Sliepen, a long time digital designer who is passionate about creating beautiful designs that have meaning and purpose.

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Coming up with elegant designs that meet all the requirements are the puzzles that feed my love of problem solving. I’m always striving for a simple design solution that communicates effectively while being a joy to interact with. My primary skills are layout design, UX, illustration and animation. I do a level of html, css and javascript development but generally I focus on the design.

I team up with great people on a project by project basis. Here are some of my favourites:

Solange Kershaw

A talented front-end developer that likes to work with all sorts of interactive platforms. In between client work she can be found creating technical art installations and creative writing.

The ID Crowd

Nicole White and her team of instructional designers are just the shake up the learning industry needs. It’s always a pleasure to team up with them to create high quality learning experiences.


Peter Moricz from Spacegoat is a rare find. An accomplished front-end developer but also totally gets design. All topped off with great communication and attention to detail. All my favourite things.

Curated Content

Cath Pope and her team bring a lot of heart and humour into projects. Their speciality is great content throughout the full range of digital services they produce.

NetX Technologies

NetX provide solid front-end development, specialising in learning based solutions.


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